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At Golden Skate Awards: As always, look awesome And of course, last week they won Italian Nationals once again SP: https:// v=Mor AMjx BEWM Anna's Men: She likes them funny Romantico with husband: https:// Trying some Pair skating: So brave!

At Golden Skate Awards: As always, look awesome And of course, last week they won Italian Nationals once again SP: https://

Their major goals in the season are obviously Olympics and Worlds.

It will be tough but they want to be in the mix without thinking about the result.

They were the second Italian pair to win World Championship gold after Fusar Poli/Margaglio.

Anna Cappellini (born 19 February 1987) is an Italian ice dancer.

Lanotte and his fiancée, former competitive ice dancer Eve Bentley, had a son (Giacomo) in October 2016 ...

In 2008–09, Cappellini/Lanotte did not medal in either of their Grand Prix appearances, but moved up to 5th at Europeans and were again tenth at Worlds. Of course with any Nationals come inflation but I do love Anna and Luca's presence on the ice. I would like to see them as European Champions but it will be tough to overcome the tough competition. Hopefully the SD fiasco does not affect them and they slay!Although Worlds seem to be a battle between Virtue and Moir and Papadakis and Cizeron, anything can happen. ETA: Congratulations to Anna and Luca for winning the Silver Medal!They withdrew from 2010 Skate America in order to prepare a new free dance.Cappellini/Lanotte later missed Italian nationals and the European Championships because Lanotte had a knee injury.

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