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How many depends on how long it takes for the Supreme Court to rule on a fifty-state right to marriage equality.

A word that appeared several times in Judge Garcia’s ruling was “dignity.” “By denying Plaintiffs Holmes and Phariss the fundamental right to marry, Texas denies their relationship the same status and dignity afforded to citizens who are permitted to marry.

It also denies them the legal, social, and financial benefits of marriage that opposite-sex couples enjoy.” The laws, he continued, “demean their dignity for no legitimate reason.” Garcia also wrote about the “needless stigmatization and humiliation for children being raised by the loving same-sex couples being targeted”—an example of how the argument that same-sex marriage needs to be stopped for the sake of the children has been turned on its head: if you believe that it is helpful for children to have parents who are married, then you should support same-sex marriage.

And, again, he looked at the situation of gays and lesbians in uniform: In an August 30, 2013 letter to military personnel at state-run installations, Texas Military Forces were directed to deny same-sex couples enrollment access to federal healthcare and retirement benefits at Texas-based National Guard facilities.

And yet their service is part of the story—of their lives, but also of a larger fight for marriage equality and, more simply, equality. That question had been headed for an ignominious answer in Arizona, where the state legislature passed a bill its supporters bragged would allow businesses to turn away same-sex couples.

This is supposedly in the name of religious freedom.

“Holmes honorably served our nation for nearly twenty-three years and retired as a Major at the end of 2010,” Judge Orlando Garcia, of the Western District of Texas, wrote in an order, issued Thursday, finding the state’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional.

Investigators said she later invited seven boys to her room and allowed them to fondle her breasts before performing a sex act on one of them.In other words, if Texas makes it harder for a soldier’s spouse to get the benefits he or she deserves, the state should be ashamed.It won’t be lost on anyone reading the decision now that, when Holmes and de Leon were in the military, they were at constant risk of being discharged because of whom they loved.Her attorney says Radomski was given a "date rape" drug that night.He insisted that she is not a child predator and will plead not guilty to those misdemeanor charges.

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Cleopatra de Leon—“a United States Air Force veteran,” Garcia noted, “honorably discharged after ten years of service”—and Nicole Dimetman, their fellow plaintiffs, were asking Texas to recognize their marriage, which took place in Massachusetts.

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