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— as they share stories, revisit hot spots and catch up on each other’s current lives.

Mutual attraction meets chemistry combined with playfulness and fun is a recipe for good times!

(She also added our new favorite hashtag, #JERZDAYISHERE.) E!

Love my roomies forever,” gushed Polizzi, 29, alongside a video of her, Sorrentino, Sammi “Sweatheart” Giancola, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Pauly “DJ Pauly D” Delvecchio jamming out to “Get Crazy” by LMFAO, the beloved MTV reality show’s theme song.

Whether it is a roller coaster or romantic dinner, a man has his imagination turned on, allowing many scenes play through his head.

BONUS DATE (for you crazy northwesterners): Sasquatch Hunting! Dating is a great way to create memories together by sharing fun experiences. Be spontaneous and come up with a few ideas of your own (eating ice cream while getting caught in a rainstorm perhaps? You’ll get to know new things about your partner and you’ll both have a ton of fun in the process!

Alright, I want to hear about your favorite dates…what’s the best date you’ve ever had?

If you’re dating an adventurous girl, or if you’re bored with regular dating (i.e.

drink dates) and you’re ready for some REAL fun, here are 33 adventurous date ideas for fun, active people – single or married – to get out and play together. Well, you might as well be resourceful…make out in the woods instead!

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  1. I love creative and fun role plays,and i hope to find a lot of partners to play with and build some good and fun moments with. Glad to see this place back, sure some of you know me from round here among other sites. Love all kinds of fun, rough, loving gentle or nasty and filthy.