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The guitar is pretty much stock, except for the neck pickup magnet which has been rotated 180 degrees relative to the bridge pickup – a feature now famously known as a “Peter Green mod”.This was allegedly done accidentally in the Gibson factory when the guitar was first assembled in 1959, as was concluded by Jol Dantzig who had a chance to examine the guitar in the 80s.Thanks to one of our readers (thanks Wes) the guitar’s history before it came into Gary’s hands is now known.

Played mainly live in the mid to late 70s with Thin Lizzy, and can be seen during the concert in Sydney in 1978.Since 1979 Gary focused entirely on his solo career, during which he released a number of highly successful albums, including “Still Got The Blues” (1990) which became one of the fan’s favorites.He remained active until his untimely death in February 2011.Early 50s Les Pauls had long trapeze tailpiece extending all the way to where ABR bridge was fitted on later models.Gary’s guitar seems to be a conversion from the long to short trapeze tailpiece, with a Gibson ABR-1 mounted into the old screw holes.

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As can be seen on the photo above – the knobs, the trapeze tailpiece, and the color of the guitar all perfectly match Gary’s guitar.

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