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Sometimes Housewives don't like to fully reveal themselves on television, which I totally get. That couldn't have been easy to admit, which is another worthy Gretchen quality.

She's one of many Housewives who is an extremely hard worker. Not only does she have her own website, Get Glam With Gretchen, where she gives beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips, but she also has her own line of cosmetics, jewelry, clothing, home decor, etc., called Gretchen Christine.

So much so, that they are once again no longer on speaking terms.

While chatting with The Daily Dish last March, Gretchen revealed, "Clearly Tamra and I don't talk and whatever.

Even though she was the one popping the question and slipping a black-gold and black-diamond band on his finger, Slade didn’t leave his lady hanging. Whoever's bank account got the exercise, he ended up giving her a 4-carat fancy yellow diamond surrounded by smaller stones five days later!

And now it’s Orange County’s turn as one of the blonde bombshells is engaged!

Save Kelly, I assume Vicki and Tamra will also be back for another season of drama. In March 2016, Gretchen told Bravo's The Daily Dish about their newfound friendship, "So ironically Vicki and I made up this last year, which was really cool and nice. Remember when she confronted her former best friend and co-star Alexis Bellino during the Season 7 trip to Costa Rica about Alexis' "pretentiousness"?

Even though she's been away for several seasons, her return would most likely be an easy transition. And we talked a lot in the last season and I stayed in touch with her just to check in with her and see how she's doing."That would make one interesting You read that right. If you scroll through her Instagram, there are a ton of pictures featuring the two. As Gretchen wrote next to one image of herself and Kelly, "So glad this girl called me to come meet her for lunch a few months back! As uncomfortable as a situation might be, Gretchen doesn't usually run away. She is going to speak her mind and her truth no matter what.

because producers believed she had a compelling storyline. She was dating 54-year-old Jeff Beitzel, COO of an Irvine-based tech company who was terminally ill (Beitzel passed away in 2008).

Yesterday, Rossi called out Bravo for - what every reality star bitches about - editing.

"Unfortunately most of the questions I was asked during my interview, including why I ultimately am no longer on the show, did not get used," Rossi wrote.

Things got even more interesting when Rossi started dating Slade Smiley, who starred on the first two seasons of the series with his then-fiance, Jo De La Rosa (oh, and he also dated Lauri Peterson for 8 minutes).

This time, though, Smiley came back riddled with debt and covered in bad publicity.

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