Martha stewart and online dating

Her profile, in which she describes herself as “curious, intelligent, entrepreneurial, hard-working, fun and adventurous,” started making the rounds on Wednesday. Yes, it's really me,” Stewart wrote in her profile.

The domestic diva, who goes by “thegoodlonglife” on, said during a Monday appearance on the “Today” show that she is indeed using the online match-making website to find a mate. ”)While Yagan did not give Stewart an entirely optimistic online-dating prognosis, he gave her a reasonable one: “What we know we can get you is some great first dates.Martha Stewart has some very important criteria in potential suitors, now that the lifestyle guru has jumped into the deep end of online dating.included a mock ad for Martha Stewart’s inevitable commercial.All the woman wants is a man who appreciates “tiered macarons and the simple elegance of a good bang” and is “rough like a rustic burlap wedding invitation.” And as we know, Martha Fucking Stewart gets what Martha Fucking Stewart wants.

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No, not by introducing her to one of his eligible bachelor friends—Larry King is on the market! The second sentence of the bio indiscreetly name-checks her most recent book.

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