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She did not want to see him again after Armino had upbraided her is very strong terms for her behaviour. Today Armino lives with his new Thai girlfriend, Nutcha, with whom who he has been engaged to for the last six months.However the principal object of love and devotion in Armino's household in Milan is his little daughter Monae.But his former Thai girlfriend has decided that she doesn't want his help nor does she show any interest in seeing her little daughter.It's a story that goes against the grain of every premise made in endless advice columns about Thai women and their money grabbing ways.

When the Thai girl got pregnant in 2013 he became engaged to her.

Over the last two years, Armino has offered Janjira money, has even offered to pay for another apartment in Bangkok.

He has also offered to pay for her education and provide her money for expenses.

He's wealthy, not bad looking and knows the ways of the world. Even so, the Italian man is currently living a nightmare caused by a Thai bar girl.

He is 63 years old now, balding a little and with a slight paunch, but he still looks attractive as any wealthy Italian man will do.

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