Potassium argon dating false

Many accept radiometric dating methods as proof that the earth is millions of years old, in contrast to the biblical timeline.

Mike Riddle exposes the unbiblical assumptions used in these calculations The primary dating method scientists use for determining the age of the earth is radioisotope dating.

If scientists fail to consider each of these three critical assumptions, then radioisotope dating can give incorrect ages.

There are certain kinds of atoms in nature that are unstable and spontaneously change (decay) into other kinds of atoms.These types of rocks are comprised of particles from many preexisting rocks which were transported (mostly by water) and redeposited somewhere else. Atomic mass is the heaviness of an atom when compared to hydrogen, which is assigned the value of one. In beta decay, either an electron is lost and a neutron is converted into a proton (beta minus decay) or an electron is added and a proton is converted into a neutron (beta plus decay).Types of sedimentary rocks include sandstone, shale, and limestone. In beta decay the total atomic mass does not change significantly.For example, uranium will radioactively decay through a series of steps until it becomes the stable element lead. The original element is referred to as the parent element (in these cases uranium and potassium), and the end result is called the daughter element (lead and argon).The straightforward reading of Scripture reveals that the days of creation () were literal days and that the earth is just thousands of years old and not billions.

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