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It also means you’ve looked at your part in what didn’t work.

You’re past blaming everything on your previous girlfriend, and you’re actually willing to own how you messed up, too. Well if you’re going to do online dating, then use GREAT pictures of yourself. Yes, I mean your full body, the way it looks right now!

These rules will make your life better and happier — and make dating a lot less crazy!

In other words, be really single — not just almost single but completely single.

Allow yourself to be present and exposed if you are really into someone.

It tricks us into thinking that we are not good enough.

Instead, celebrate your accomplishments, big or small.

It takes time to get to know someone, and honestly most women don’t know themselves very well either.

Being thoughtful means you’ve spent time looking back on your life and at what worked and what didn’t in your relationships.

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If you did the asking then pay for something that is substantial.

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