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The first two, Justin and Trevor, are sitting on a couch in Trevor's garage on the popular social dating app Grindr.

Set on Halloween night, Justin and Trevor are, at first glance, humorously and innocently seeking companionship for the evening.

This attack showed for the first time in history the true chaos and level of violence that the downward spiral of man-made aggression and hate could inflict.

The stories surrounding Enola Gay are filled with prophecy and philosophical poeticism.

Colonel Paul Tibbets reflects on the explosion by saying, “In a microsecond, the city of Hiroshima didn't exist.” An irreversible act that showed the world a level of violence yet to have been thought possible.

Fueled by hatred and seeking revenge for the attacks, torture and violence perpetrated by the Japanese in the war years prior, the atomic bomb was the last piece of horrific retaliation to end the war.

A reception was held in the 4 Floor Student Learning Centre and was attended by members of the Ryerson Library Staff, Ryerson Faculty as well as invited guests.

These included retired Mc Graw-Hill Ryerson executives Theresa Courneyea, Rachel Mansfield and Clive Powell along with current Mc Graw-Hill Education executives Gary Henn, Alex Dimech, Yolanda Pigden and Rhondda Mc Nabb. Paul Stenton, Deputy Provost and Vice Provost University Planning.

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The sheer amount of chaos caused by the war had completely blinded the crew members in the airspace above.

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