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UPDATE: November 10 – Daily Motion has removed the video from their site UPDATE: November 12 – You Tube is again petitioned to remove the video from their either, of course – the same factless science fiction as before.Yes, apparently “children’s pants half off” to this guy was some kind of sexual message to the children of the city, who by the way don’t buy their own clothes, their parents do, and kids aren’t standing around reading signs in stores regardless.I’m also guessing that the store sign didn’t actually say this at all.All sorts of regular people like you and I are turning toward the world of webcams to make a couple extra bucks or with some serious dedication you can make a real career out of it.Broadcasting on live webcam has never been more lucrative. Hot Videos really is the best place to get a free webcam show on the internet. Our webcam models are hot and waiting for you now so stop hesitating and start chatting now!Update: Some Creepy supporters tried to argue that, because I mentioned stores in the mall that didn’t exist in May 2013, the whole thing must be a sham.

The accusations made against me were completely unproven in the video that was posted, some information was a complete lie, and some information was left out to make the picture look better for them – they are after all looking for viewers/month for their You Tube channel, and sensationalism and sex sells. UPDATE: October 15 – You Tube removed this video from their site for violating privacy.I’m currently reviewing some new legal angles offered by You Tube as advice.He was also stupid enough to state on (which looks, ironically, like a fake news site): So now we have the same narrative – that I knew all along it was them?After a whole day of reading these kind of moronic comments, accusing me and the Mall of being pedo-friendly, I’d had enough, and I wrote this posting on the Surrey Creep Catchers Facebook and also similar comments on other Creep Catcher sites: Yah I was being melodramatic, and I did get someone from the Edmonton branch trying to call me at one point, though not sure exactly what he was going to do about it.There was a message exchange online between him and this Ryan Laforge about the situation – neither of them particularly cared that their followers were accusing everyone in sight of being a pedophile, just for writing a review of a mall several years ago.

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