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There is also a bigger chance of certain things simply being forgotten and overlooked (and then possibly rediscovered and revived).As the process continues, more things become confused, convoluted and impenetrable.The longer that this goes on and as more teams take over, the chances of Continuity Snarls taking place go up.The more retcons are made, reset buttons pressed, and the more the 'verse enters into a Dork Age.Long-running TV franchises can also suffer from Continuity Snarls — the universes have gotten especially snarled over time (although the former can easily Hand Wave this away because it's about time travel).A Continuity Snarl can result in Continuity Lock-Out for readers, especially newcomers, as it becomes increasingly difficult to keep track of what's happening in the 'verse without a Masters Degree in Continuity Studies. See Armed with Canon, Comic-Book Time, and Author's Saving Throw for common causes, may result in Continuity Lock-Out, Continuity Porn, Tangled Family Tree, and Timey-Wimey Ball.For at least the third time this series, one or all of the characters you care about on this show are dead.So what better way to celebrate than to read through our weekly list of callbacks, allusions, shared themes, and generally interesting (if tenuous) nonsense?

Hawkman was sent here to study Earthly police methods, because Thanagar's own methods suck! "A Shared Universe can become a very confusing place, and the longer they exist, the more confusing they can become.The Doctor’s first meeting with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, in 1968’s "The Web of Fear," was stated to take place in 1975, with follow-up adventure "The Invasion" taking place four years later.During the third Doctor’s era (1970-1974), producers Terrance Dicks and Barry Letts were always keen not to specify an exact year for the Doctor’s adventures, save that it was sometime in the near future.As ever, feel free to leave your own contributions in the comments below!; they first menaced the fourth Doctor in 1975’s "Terror of the Zygons," a story which revealed the Loch Ness Monster to be one of the Skarasen, a race from the Zygon homeworld.

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They creative team comes along, they'll change things even more; they may even completely override the changes made by the previous team to include things that they want to see or to reassert a previous status quo.

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  1. what we Lead TV’s Latest Teen Choice Nods But before Ezria fans revolt, hear the man out: “Jason is not this monster that everyone makes him out to be. In the beginning, everyone thought he was bad, and while no one knows either way just yet, you will see him opening up.” To clarify, this means he’ll be opening up to viewers can look forward to an unveiling of “what he’s been up to in his old house,” as well as finally pinning down what exactly went wrong between Jason and his kid sis.

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